Client Testimonial: Lexington Youth Soccer Association

The following is a letter we recently received from one of our favorite clients, the Lexington Youth Soccer Association. This is an amazing group that is an integral part of in the lives of the youth of our community and an organization that we take great pride in having played a small part in year after year. Thank you!

Lexington, Youth Soccer Association
Lexington, Kentucky

Dr. Chris Christensen
Critter Control Lexington, Kentucky


I'm sitting here looking at some invoices your office sent me regarding the removal of two moles from one of our soccer complexes, and realized it's time to say something about what a great job you and your company have done for our soccer club, both lately, and for the past 20 years.

This last week I called regarding a sudden outbreak of mole activity on some fields our 5 and 6 year old kids play on, and relayed that we were in trouble because we were scheduled to open our season in just 5 days! Within hours your guys had placed a bunch of traps in the area. During the next few days your folks removed two of the the little critters, all the while working around our field guys as they tried to roll down the mole hills and prevent any broken ankles, or worse. Your folks came out just before our games started, got all the traps out of the way, and the fields looked as if you had never been there. Way to go!

This kind of service is what our group has gotten used to when your company is involved.

Before we discovered you guys, for years we tried everything from poisoning, to smashing our fields with highway building rollers (in effort to squish the little buggers), and even tried flushing moles out with water hoses. Nothing worked, and often our fields were made more unsafe than from the mole damage alone.

You guys came along and started helping us nearly 20 years ago, and we have now gotten to the point where a whole generation of players don't even realize we have moles.

Your control methods consistently get the moles and do so in ways that keep our players safe through our entire 9 + month playing seasons. You have developed, adapted and executed your control methods so our that our programs are never anything but positively impacted.Your services have become an integral part of our operations, and it is not an exaggeration to say we could not get by without what you guys do.

We absolutely can't ask for more flexibility and effectiveness than we get from your company, and I want to be sure you realize how much we appreciate all you have done for us over the years.

Thanks Doc, from all 3000 of us,

Gary Fogtman