Cute & Cuddly, But Wild At Heart

The wildlife around your home can at times seem cute and cuddly, however it is important to remember that these lovable critters are indeed wild at heart. Over the weekend we received a call on our emergency response line concerning a possible rabbit that had found its way into a Lexington resident’s home. Chris Anderson, one of our top Critter Control Service Technicians, was dispatched to inspect the situation. Upon his arrival, Chris was somewhat surprised at what he found…


As many of us do during the late spring and early summer months, the family enjoyed the breeze that drifted through their home by leaving their patio doors open. However, by doing so, they opened up their home to much more than just a warm breeze… they had also left an open invitation to the wildlife that occupied their backyard. 


Their invitation had been accepted by a baby bunny, who they had treated as a type of pet — offering food, water, and shelter for a little more than a week. Eventually, this little critter’s wild side prevailed, as it started to make itself more and more at home. The family started to notice chewed cords, gnawed furniture, rabbit droppings in their shoes, and even a few buttons missing from their TV remote. The culprit wasn’t hard to identify, but proved much more difficult to apprehend.


Through some safe trapping practices, Chris was able to catch the once-lovable guest who had outstayed his welcome and release him back into the briar thicket behind the house. The family was relieved to see the little guy leave and learned a valuable lesson… no matter how cute, some critters are hard to control.