Three Ways Critter Control Technicians Show Respect For Our Customers



Here are three ways that our Critter Control technicians show respect for our valuable and revered customers.  We respect you and we respect your home, thank you for inviting us into your home.
  1. Shoe covers are an inexpensive way to show customers that we care about them and their property.  We do not want to leave tracks in your home and I know you do not want any tracks on your nice floors.
  2. Company photo ID badge. Even though we are in uniform, and trucks are lettered and logoed when we come face to face with customer their eye is always drawn to badge.  Sometimes you can actually see some customers relax after looking at badge. Companies with security personnel love to see our technicians wearing their badge and on many occasions security will use the ID badge to sign in.
  3. Remove your hat. My good friend Charles Holt reminded me of this point of etiquette. With every female customer or even the neighbor lady who has a question our hats are off our head. Also before entering any home the hat is off. Just good manners and our customers notice.